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I am an 80 year old widow who had the misfortune of living next door to a crazy, obsessed, dangerous neighbor. After the death of my husband this neighbor went after me physically, emotionally and financially. Zack and Chris helped me through the process of defending myself. Zack was kind and compassionate and had my back with each new attempt to threaten and ruin me. I am grateful for his help and support. Unfortunately, the harassment was so severe that I have since moved out of state to avoid further confrontation from the insane neighbor. You need an advocate like Zack in your corner. Highly recommended.
Fran Knight
Fran Knight
April 4, 2023
Zack and his team are everything you want when you need a lawyer. They are kind, responsive, professional, and excellent at what they do. I cannot recommend them enough!
Noah Laflin
Noah Laflin
March 9, 2023
Such a great team! I contacted Zack to help deal with a business dispute. He was so attentive and responsive to my situation. He took the time to learn all the details of my case. He put in a great effort and got me an outcome that I was extremely pleased with. I hope to not need a lawyer anytime soon. But if I do I will be giving these guys a call again!
Victor Zeidan
Victor Zeidan
March 7, 2023
Chris Vivian and his team were the definition of fierce advocates, professionalism, and legal integrity. Chris handled my unique, and extremely contentious, divorce and restraining order with a class, grace and tenacity that I could have only dreamed of. His keen grasp of complex legal issues and expertise in family law allowed him to navigate some nearly impossible situations with the case itself, opposing counsel and the other side. All of that and Chris also became someone that I now consider a friend. He understood the human side of divorce first and foremost and went above and beyond to constantly check in with me to make sure that I was doing okay through everything. Being a lawyer myself, I can truly say that Chris is a phenomenal attorney and an even better human being. Thank you, Chris, for everything that you did for me.
Jon Newmarker
Jon Newmarker
February 28, 2023
They are best! I couldn’t find a better legal team to give me the result they got me. My felony DUI went to a misdemeanor wet wreckless! In addition, the fine was minimized, and the program was 6 weeks instead of 6 months! They have the best team, who really care about their clients. I wish I could give them more stars, I’m very happy with their work.
Luzvin Deleon
Luzvin Deleon
January 28, 2023
Extremely helpful and successful in removing tenants who had become threatening and extremely disruptive and disgusting. Quit paying rent using a phony habitability issue. Expensive but worth it as they had to go. They were making life miserable for five other people who live with me in peace and harmony. And they had seemed like such nice people. I learned an important lesson in trust: background checks, first month, last month and security deposit no matter how nice the people seem.
January 23, 2023
First time in the need for legal assistance, I couldn't have been more pleased with the service from Zack and Kayla. I would definitely recommend them if you need legal assistance.
Chris Conover
Chris Conover
December 16, 2022
Zack and his team are absolute masters of their craft. They will go to battle to get the best outcome possible for your individual situation no matter how dire it may seem. He’s professional, yet relatable and has the experience to represent all walks of life! Can’t thank them enough! Don’t waste your time and money going with anyone else.
Kamana Pearl
Kamana Pearl
September 28, 2022
Highly recommended, for a year my case was heading in the wrong direction and with the help of Zac he changed the whole outcome within two months! He got me a great deal when others couldn’t and he was very kind and confident in his profession. Don’t plan on having a situation were I need a lawyer again but if I do, I know who to go to!
Aldair Camacho
Aldair Camacho
September 21, 2022