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Maritime Injury Cruise Ship AccidentThe legal aspects governing a maritime injury claim in California hinge upon the location of the incident and who’s involved.

Seamen affiliated with a vessel typically have recourse through the Jones Act Jones Act or the doctrine of unseaworthiness, to seek compensation for injuries sustained while on the job due to negligence on the part of their employer or vessel owner.

On the other hand, workers primarily based onshore, such as harbor employees, shipbuilders, and longshoremen, are typically covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). In contrast to the Jones Act, the LHWCA isn’t a law pertaining to tort; rather, it resembles California’s workers’ compensation system in function.

Whether your maritime injury claim is eligible for damages under the Jones Act, the doctrine of unseaworthiness, or another facet of general maritime law, Vivian & Agil Law can construct a robust case for your injury and pursue maximum compensation through the appropriate legal channels in the maritime field.

Experience & knowledge matter

Having an attorney with maritime background makes all the differance. Partner Attorney Christopher Vivian has a Third Mate License (unlimited) with extensive towing experience throughout the West Coast and Hawaii (dry docks, ships, barges, submarines, etc.).

Additionally, having insider information will help assist in your injury claim and lead to larger compensation. Attorney Vivian also holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and has completed the following courses:

  • A.R.P.A. (Automatic Radar Position and Acquisition)
  • Tankerman
  • G.M.D.S.S. (Global Marine Distress Safety Systems)
  • Maritime Damage Control School
  • R.H.I.B (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) rescue, heavy surf and search techniques
  • Explosive Cargo Handling
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Tanker Operations and Port/Terminal Operations
  • Landing Signal Officer

We are certain that no other attorneys in California possess the same knowledge as the attorneys at Vivian & Agil Law. Having the right firm represent you can make all the differance.P

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If you were injured at sea, on a cruise ship, are a maritime employee, such as a commercial fisherman, merchant marine, or shipbuilder, contact our office today for a consultation with experienced maritime injury attorneys.

Our attorneys can build a strong case against the at-fault party for fair compensation for your injuries under the Jones Act, general maritime law, the LHWCA, and other maritime laws.