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Frequently Asked Questions

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Family Law

YES! Mediation is one of the most frequently used methods of negotiating a divorce settlement. Mediation is MUCH less expensive than a court trial or a series of hearings. This allows you to resolve your divorce cheaper, quicker, with less stress and emotional toll for all involved, especially children.

Every divorce case takes a different length of time, depending on the unique circumstances. This will likely depend on how many issues are contested and how quickly you and your spouse can come to agreements. The most common factors that affect the length of the process include the ability for you to cooperate with your spouse, honesty about existing assets, openness to negotiations, and willingness to make sacrifices. Stubbornness, evasion, and animosity can hurt the process and cost more time and more money.

Property division can be quite complex, and is completed by determining which property is community property and which is separate. The property which each party brought to the marriage will be treated separately than that property which was acquired in the marriage. Ohio is an equitable division state, which means that property shall be divided in a manner that is fair, not necessarily equal. Thus, division of property should ensure that each party receives an amount of the total assets that is enough to create a fair and equitable financial balance.

Spousal Support or Alimony, will be awarded only when a former spouse is unable to meet basic needs or maintain living conditions without financial assistance. Spousal support may be temporary to allow the receiving spouse time to get back into the job market, brush up on skills, complete an educational program, or raise the children; or permanent, such as when a spouse may never become self-supporting.

Certain issues involved in a family law case may be the subject of modification proceedings after a judgment or order is entered by the court. You can seek a modification of child custody and visitation orders at any time. The court may find the modification “necessary or proper” if it’s in the child’s best interest (Ca Fam § 3022).

Genreally, property division adjudicated by the final judgment in your divorce may not be modified by the court. However, it’s possible for a judgment to be rescinded in a set-aside motion under if an asset has not been disclosed and you learn about it after the divorce.

Criminal Defense

Only some criminal convictions can be dismissed or expunged. Most often, if you did not serve prison time and successfully completed all terms of probation, the conviction may be expunged.

The number of convictions on ones criminal record and the dates of those convictions are factors that a court will consider when deciding if to grant an expungement.

After you have actually been placed under arrest, you may NOT refuse a DUI breath test without consequences, under California’s “implied consent” law.

In California, the average cost for an IID is about $2.50/day. Some companies will also charge about $100 for the device’s initial installation. You may also be required to pay fees for maintenance and calibration the interlock device.

Even if convicted of a misdemeanor, one could be sentenced to up to a year in jail. Additionally, they would then be placed on formal court probation, which would involve doing 52 weeks of anger management classes, being monitored by a probation officer, pay supervision fees, and come to court regularly for review hearings.

Some domestic violence cases could result in a state prison sentence. Firearm rights are also restricted for people who have been convicted of domestic violence. A person is not able to own or possess firearms for 10 years after a domestic violence conviction in California. Federal laws under the Brady Bill could essentially equate to a lifetime ban as well. 

Being arrested with large quantities of a drug along with scales, small packages of pre-weighed drugs, and/or large amounts of cash are often used as evidence of drug sales.

Additionally, multiple people visiting a defendant’s address for just a few moments can also create a red flag of possible drug dealing.

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