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Santa Rosa Divorce Mediation

Divorce is difficult under any circumstances, so why make it more difficult than it needs to be? Save time, money, and headache with our divorce mediation process. We can help simplify your divorce and allow you both to move on with your life.

Our Easy Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce can be expensive and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Let our Santa Rosa Mediators help you handle the legal, financial and emotional process better.

1. Mediation Sessions

After you both decide you would like to try mediation, we schedule sessions to discuss the key factors of your divorce, such as childern and/or property.

2. Gather Info

Next we begin to organize data as to current values of your assets (value of cars, homes, and retirement accounts), credit card balances, mortgage amounts, and so forth.

3. Prepare Docs

Your legal paperwork for an uncontested divorce get drafted, signed by both parties, and filed with the Court for the Judge to approve. You should never need to appear in Court.

4. Get Divorced

From this point forward, all that remains is for the legally mandated waiting period (6 months and 1 day) to pass and your divorce is final.

Option 1:
Fill out the initial form.

Use the provided form to get started and someone from our Santa Rosa office will contact you to see if mediation is suitable for you and, if so, to schedule your first session. Get started now and lets make the divorce process as painless as possible.

Option 2:
Call us and schedule a consultation.

Divorce Mediation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates suitable for divorce mediation are ones that both spouses can be reasonable, amicable, honest and forthcoming. Your goal should be not to act out of revenge, but with fairness for all involved. There will be times when your emotions are overwhelming during an amicable divorce, we help you stay on track and stay focused for the finish line.

Sometimes your specific situation requires an attorney. At Vivian & Agil Law we strive to keeps costs down for our clients. If you and your partner can sit down and amicably come to agreements, mediation is simply a better, more cost effective option.

Generally, the cost of a divorce can be emotionally and financially destructive. For $4,950, which includes all court filing fees, you and your spouse can have Vivian & Agil Law mediate your divorce, prepare all the necessary paperwork, and assist in finalizing your divorce, which includes custody and support issues, with the court. This method helps reduce emotional and financial toll a divorce can cause on parents and especially children. This is a rough estimate as each divorce is unique with different needs and requirements.

Topics we cover to ensure everyone walks away satisfied

Our process focuses to establish the best environment for your children, create a healthy co-parenting relationship, and document a fair child custody and time-share plan for both parents. Your plan can be open and fluid or precise and detailed. In an uncontested mediated divorce, parents mutually decide how they will care for their children.

Child Custody & Co-Parenting

Splitting your assets can be a tortuous and gruesome process if not facilitated by an impartial professional. This is where we come in. Santa Rosa Divorce Mediators at Vivian & Agil Law are committed to crafting a property allocation agreement both of you are happy with. This requires some give and take, but we will work to discover what is important to each of you.

Property Allocation

We use a Court approved guideline support calculator, based on the income and expense information provided by you and your spouse, to determine equitable support arrangements. In an uncontested divorce process, you can opt to use the guideline calculator or agree to something different that you both are comfortable with – it’s up to the two of you.

Child & Spousal Support

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